Breakout Room

We can’t imagine seeing each other virtually without also noticing tilted posters, the abundant (lack of) natural light in peoples’ bedrooms or a garden of grey and red “mutes” for when we didn’t feel like video chatting. Graphic design has trained our eyes to notice these imperfect details, which have come to define the best and only experience we could have with our thesis. These glimpses into our peers’ private lives blur boundaries for our formal spaces, but also cue us into new learning opportunities that bloom into liminal spaces.

Enter our Breakout Room. Stacked two, three, five, or eight ways, we’d ease into a familiar critique process. Our breakout rooms chip away at the main lobby’s hierarchical grid, allowing us to intimate a more honest, hybrid classroom.

We, as designers, make homes in the iterative and imaginative. Our class selected chroma green and projector blue to present a glaring perseverance for celebrating our classmates’ innovative work and “projecting” community. The ubiquitous green and blue, that we also find in our skies and fields, echo the physical experience of breaking outside of our Zoom boxes for renewed hope and inspiration. Unique pixel glyphs—one for each student—illustrate our respective creative experiences and comforts in this past year and collectively tether our work to the at-large BFA Thesis Show identity.

Our thesis group show—with Lego–like organization—reveals the relentless relationships we’ve been able to link and revisit in the past year. When the 33 BFA Graphic Design students graduate this 2021, we’ll realize that all this time, breaking out means shining together.

The Boston University BFA Graphic Design Show is a part of the BU College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts Breaking Out 2021 BFA Thesis Show.
855 Commonwealth Gallery
May 6–14, 2021
Instagram: @bu_graphicdesign
Many thanks to our instructor, Mary Yang and our TA Tvesha Shah and Leah Maldonado for the use of GlyphWorld typefaces